(Applications are now open)

The Security Officers' Day Awards 2021 recognise outstanding officers who have performed exemplarily in their duties.

Award Categories

Outstanding Officer Awards

Officers who have demonstrated excellence on the job.

Security Officer 
of the Year Awards

Officers who have performed exemplarily on the job, complied with the Security Officer’s Code of Conduct, fostered admiration amongst colleagues, displayed leadership qualities and exhibited a consistently high level of performance.

Officers who are not selected for the Security Officer of the Year Award will be eligible for the Outstanding Officer Award.

Job Redesign Awards

Officers who have demonstrated strong capability in using technology on the job.

Nominations for the Security Officers Day Awards 2021 are now open! Click below for the nomination form, and send your nominations to by 30 June 2021.



"The #hormatsecurity campaign was launched in 2018 by the Security Industry Council to recognise the good work of our officers on social media and to encourage respect for them"

Mr. Raj Joshua Thomas

President, Security Association Singapore



SAS members adopted a Declaration against Unfair Stipulations by Security Buyers in June 2020. This Declaration affirms that SAS members are against any form of unfair stipulations by security buyers regarding security officers deployed at their site, which will ensure fair employment for all in the industry


Applications begin 2 November 2020