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The Golden Circle Best Employer Award recognises employers that have the best employment practices in the industry.

The criteria for the Golden Circle Best Employer Award are as follows:

  1. The agency must have passed the MOM SACE Elective;

  2. The agency must be paying higher than the current PWM rates;

  3. The agency must have some form of bonus offered to their officers;

  4. The agency must have some or at least one site where officers work less than 12 hours shifts;

  5. The agency must be PW Mark accredited or have applied for the PW Mark accreditation;

  6. The agency must not have had any convictions or warnings under the Employment Act, the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act or the CPF act, or suspension of work pass privileges in the past 2 years (i.e., 2021 and 2022);

  7. The agency must have a Collective Agreement or MOU with the Union of Security Employees.

List of Golden Circle Best Employers

Advancer IFM Pte Ltd

AETOS Guard Services Pte Ltd

Aspectus Consultancy Pte Ltd

Bulls-Eye Security Services Pte Ltd

Certis Cisco Protection Services Pte Ltd

Excellent Security & Safety Pte Ltd

FormTeam Consultancy Pte Ltd

Horus I (Private Limited)

Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd

Prosegur Singapore Pte Ltd

Soverus Pte Ltd

TwinRock Pte Ltd

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