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Security Guard


SAS President's Medal of Professionalism recognise officers who have displayed professionalism in the face of adversity.

SS Pravin D/O Manimaran
Security Supervisor
Certis CISCO Protection Services 

SS Pravin is a consistent performer with 15 compliments: an EXSA Gold awardee in 2020, and STAR awardee in 2021. She displayed professionalism and integrity when he rejected two incidents of monetary gifts and bribes

Sures Perumal 
Security Officer 
TwinRock Global Pte Ltd 

_DSC0281- twinrock.jpg

SO Sures carried himself with professionalism in the face of abuse when he was assaulted by a member of the public for requesting that he put on his mask before entering the premises (Tampines Giant Hypermart). Despite being punched and shoved, he did not retaliate and remained calm while carrying out his duties.  

SO Neo Ah Whatt
Security Officer 
Reachfield Security and Safety Management

_DSC0281- Reachfield.jpg

SO Neo Ah Whatt was tasked with managing the flow of cars entering a school compound (Red Swastika School). He displayed professionalism and stood his ground when a member of the public injured him while attempting to force his way into the compound with his car. This was after being denied entry for skipping the queue and going against the flow of traffic.

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