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Congratulations to all the honourees of the Security Officer’s Day Awards 2021!


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to test the nation, our security officers have pressed on with the essential role of protecting our homes and families. We are delighted to announce that 683 security officers have been honoured with SO Day Awards, and that 4 exceptional security officers have also clinched the Security Officer of the Year Award.


As we mark SO Day this year, let us also take a moment to recognise that Security Officers face a multitude of workplace hazards, and no effort should be spared to ensure that as SOs work to protect us as a whole, they should themselves be protected. I am therefore proud of the recent launch of the Workplace Safety and Health (“WSH”) Guidelines for the Private Security Industry on 21 July, and the anti-abuse decal on 9 July 2021. These are a combined effort of industry stakeholders. I am hopeful that the Guidelines and the decal will go a long way towards making security work in Singapore much safer for SOs.


We have also been working closely with the tripartite partners to review the Security Progressive Wage Model (“PWM”), and SAS is of the view that the PWM should include provisions that adequately honour the significant work our SOs do. This important work is ongoing, and the tripartite partners will collectively announce our recommendations soon.


The industry has come a long way; it is unrecognisable from just five years ago. Security services are more efficient, backed up by intelligent and purposeful use of technology, even as the security landscape has grown more and more complex. At the core of all this, our security officers stand as custodians of the safety and wellbeing of our homes, our families, and our loved ones.


And although our fight against the COVID-19 pandemic continues one year on, our security officers will continue to play our part proudly, as we always have!


To all my fellow security officers, today is your day. Well done to all of you, congratulations and Hormat Security!