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The Security Officer of the Year Award recognises officers who have performed exemplarily on the job, complied with the Security Officer's Code of Conduct, fostered admiration amongst colleagues, displayed leadership qualities and exhibited a consistently high level of performance. 

SS Surjeet Singh

Twinrock Pte Ltd

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Security Supervisor (SS) Surjeet Singh is the overall in-charge of security at Peninsula Plaza and has been for the past 3 years. 


The crowds at Peninsula Plaza are notorious. The pandemic has rendered security operations there even more complex, which has garnered national attention and significant press coverage.


In Phase 2A, Peninsula Plaza was one of the two malls in Singapore in which entry was restricted on an “odd-even” basis based on the last digits of their identification number. This resulted in long queues and much frustration. SS Singh led his team to organise the checking process for entry and effectively carried out crowd control. SS Singh also coordinated with Safe Distancing Ambassadors deployed to ensure that Covid-19 measures were abided by.


In no small part due to SS Singh’s leadership and capability, the crowds were managed efficiently, and queue sizes reduced, leading to the restrictions being lifted in April 2021. The joint Singapore Tourism Board-Enterprise Singapore media release noted that significant improvements had been observed at Peninsula Plaza, especially during peak hours, giving them the confidence to lift restrictions.


Due to the rise in Covid-19 cases, measures were reimposed since 1 May 2021. SS Singh once again rallied his team and quickly reacted to the announcement. TODAY reported on 2 May 2021 that security checks at Peninsula Plaza were “stringent”, testament to SS Singh’s leadership.


At 61 years of age, SS Singh shows no signs of slowing down. His team has grown from 12 officers prior to the pandemic, to 17 members including volunteers helping with crowd control.


With his outstanding leadership, professionalism and unwavering dedication, SS Singh expertly ran one of the most challenging security operations to date. His efforts have assured the patrons, tenants and owners of Peninsula Plaza that a steady hand is in charge of the pandemic measures at the mall.

SS Hanisah Binte Hamid

Henderson Security Services Pte Ltd

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Security Supervisor (SS) Hanisah Binte Hamid is in charge of operations at the Mapletree cluster.


Given her stellar track record at her previous assignment, SS Hanisah was given the opportunity to lead and manage security at the Mapletree cluster in 2020. Rising to the challenge, she quickly adapted to the new environment and vastly larger scale of operations. She went the extra mile to build trust with the clients, providing clear and concise reporting to the client’s operations team on a daily basis.


In no small part due to her team’s professionalism and impressive results, the client was eventually convinced to embrace security technology at their premises.


In recognition of her hard work and expertise in client management, she was promptly promoted from Site Executive in 2020 to Operations Executive in May 2021.


SS Hanisah was proactive in honing her technical skills, volunteering to undergo on-the-job training. As a result, she is adept and confident at responding to situations and commanding her officers on the ground, in the event of alarm activation or crisis.


Despite her relatively small stature and working in a male-dominated environment, SS Hanisah is undeterred and exceptional in her professionalism. She has demonstrated incredible management skills, understanding at a profound level what is required of her as a leader, expertly balancing security priorities and expectations from clients. With her outstanding interpersonal skills, it is no wonder she has won the admiration of her team and her clients.

SSO Thinagaran Krishnan

Tiger Hong Security Services & Consultants Pte Ltd

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Senior Security Officer (SSO) Thinagaran Krishnan is a highly versatile officer with a can-do attitude. He currently supervises the night shift team at Burlington Square.


In one notable incident, SSO Thinagaran was instrumental in aiding the police. While on duty, he assisted in the swift identification and detainment of two individuals in a case of unauthorized possession and consumption of controlled drugs. He was able to do so seamlessly by making expert use of their integrated security system. With his quick thinking and technical skills, he smoothly informed the police, facilitated access to the premises and CCTV footage.


For the invaluable assistance rendered to the police in their investigations, SSO Thinagaran received formal commendation by Marina Bay Neighbourhood Police Centre Commanding Officer Superintendent Boey Pui Sun.


Impressively, SSO Thinagaran picked up his technical skills on the job through sheer hard work and perseverance, having no prior experience. He now effectively troubleshoots issues when they arise.


In his course of work, SSO Thinagaran has displayed exceptional professionalism. He has expertly handled situations ranging from uncooperative visitors, instances of theft and substance abuse, as well as cases of abuse against his team


SSO Thinagaran is exemplary both as a leader and a security officer. His adaptability, quick wit and unwavering dedication serve as an inspiration for all. 

SO Muhammad Raihan Bin Iswandi

Certis CISCO Protection Services Pte Ltd

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Security Officer (SO) Muhammad Raihan Bin Iswandi is the team leader for the Tuas Checkpoint Forward Checkers Green Channel.


In one note-worthy event in 2020, SO Raihan was in charge of screening a car that was entering the checkpoint. Meticulous and principled, SO Raihan successfully detected a car flare while checking the interior portion of the driver’s seat. The driver then claimed that he did not know that the item was prohibited. SO Raihan promptly referred the incident to ICA for follow-up.


In performing his duties, SO Raihan is detail-oriented and professional. He has consistently delivered quality service and is extremely effective in detecting contraband and prohibited items. In recognition of his exceptional skills, he received the Operational Service Award.


An exemplary leader, he is well-respected by his team. Under his leadership, his team is widely recognized for their operations excellence at the checkpoint in managing the everchanging landscape in vehicular movement.