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Security Officer of the Year Awards recognise officers who have performed exemplarily on the job, complied with the Security Officers’ Code of Conduct, fostered admiration amongst their colleagues, displayed leadership qualities and exhibited a consistently high level of performance and service excellence.

Bharat Kumar A/L Kanabathy

Senior Security Officer

Metropolis Security Systems


SSO Bharat Kumar’s quick thinking and resourcefulness prevented the spread of a fire that broke out at manufacturing facility Merit Medical Singapore. There was another incident where he braved the rain to move a collapsed gate away from the entrance of the facility for the safety of the employees and their vehicles. SSO Bharat Kumar was also awarded the Silver Excellent Service Award (EXSA) in 2021 that recognises individuals who have delivered quality service.

Geetha A/P Nalatamby

Security Supervisor

Certis CISCO Protection Services

_DSC0281- geeta.jpg

SS Geethaa is an exemplary officer who has displayed professionalism and compassion while on duty. Her prompt response and calm disposition prevented a member of public’s suicide attempt at a mall.

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