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The Security Officer of the Year Award recognises officers who have performed exemplarily on the job, complied with the Security Officer's Code of Conduct, fostered admiration amongst colleagues, displayed leadership qualities and exhibited a consistently high level of performance. 

SS Thurkadevi A/P Nanda Gopal

AETOS Guards Services Pte Ltd

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Security Supervisor Thurkadevi is the team leader of the security operations team at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) - one of the largest multi-disciplinary public hospitals in Singapore, and instrumental to the national response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

During these trying times, Devi has displayed exemplary leadership qualities and gained recognition for her hard work by not only the client, but among her peers as well.


‘The true test of leadership is how well one functions in a crisis.’

Despite the disruptions and fear caused by COVID-19 during the early part of 2020, Devi stepped up to the challenge of leading her team through the crisis. Not only did she ensure that security was not compromised at TTSH, and helped to support nation-wide efforts in curbing the spread, Devi also made looking after the health and wellbeing of her fellow officers her topmost priority.


She ensured that there was sufficient personal protective equipment - such as masks and gloves - for the officers deployed at high-risk areas, and made sure that they adhered closely to the strict temperature-taking and social distancing guidelines that were put in place. Devi also made it a point to listen to their feedback and convey it to management; she was able to arrange supplementary logistics such as additional sets of uniforms to enhance their personal hygiene standards.

In her own time, Devi made the effort to read up about the virus and made sure that she was aware of the evolving situation. She would then brief her team every morning so that her team members were kept abreast of the latest developments. Her positive attitude and willingness to learn has indeed been an inspiration to her team.


Throughout her years of service, Devi has worked tirelessly to ensure that daily operations and manpower planning are prepared in advance. With a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, she frequently goes beyond her scope of responsibilities and reacts fast to resolve any shortfalls or issues that occur. She also readily provides constructive feedback and shares ways to improve existing operations.


As a leader, Devi not just commands, but teaches her fellow officers as well. She relates best practices and passes down her experience to her staff so that they too, can excel in service delivery and put their best foot forward as security professionals.


In her 3 years of service with AETOS, Devi has displayed good leadership, self-motivation and unwavering passion towards her work.


Well-liked among her peers, Devi is always ready to answer the call of duty and strive to exceed expectations. AETOS takes great pride in Thurkadevi’s abilities and dedication to her duties. Her leadership skills and high level of performance make her an asset not only to our organization, but towards uplifting the standard of the security workforce as a whole. 


Certis Cisco Protection Services Pte Ltd

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WSS Mak is currently 23 years old and has been working in Certis for approximately 5 years. In a short span, she was promoted from a Security Officer to a Security Supervisor, and is currently working in the night shift at Century Square Mall.

WSS Mak is an outstanding officer that has consistently surpassed our expectations. Despite her relatively young age, she has demonstrated maturity as a leader and balances the task-oriented and people-oriented aspects of leadership harmoniously. Having led by example, she managed to win the respect of officers older than her, building strong camaraderie and mutual trust in the team.

In a PLRD audit in 2019, she scored full marks, contributing to Certis’s overall A grading for the year. In addition, WSS Mak was consistently rated as the top performer amongst her peers, as she was given an A* in her recent few performance gradings. This bears testament to her competency and excellent performance on the job.

Service Delivery and Security comes hand-in-hand. WSS Mak has balanced these twin roles adeptly, and served her duties with distinction. There were numerous instances whereby she went beyond her core duties, and has received multiple compliments from members of the public, and the mall management for her excellent performance on the job.

The most noteworthy incident would be in November 2019, where there was a fire in Century Square’s food court.

Despite being on off, WSS Mak rushed back to the mall on her own accord and assisted in crowd and access control as well as post-incident management, alongside with the Certis Management and the Mall Management. 

This greatly impressed upon everyone and the mall manager wrote in to express his appreciation for the help rendered by Certis, with a special mention to WSS Mak for her assistance off-duty. In essence, WSS Mak has excelled both as a leader and a security officer, and her unwavering spirit and dedication is highly laudable. 

SO Muhammad Hisham Bin Mohamed Rashid

Metropolis Security Systems Pte Ltd


SO Muhammad Hisham diligently performed his access control strictly during this challenging period. He is committed and alert in carrying out his security duties and responsibilities.
In carrying out his duties, SO Muhammad Hisham noticed that several suspicious persons had visited the estate under his charge based on the visitor /delivery record books. SO Muhammad Hisham monitored these persons on 28 May 2020, and provided the police with assistance which eventually led to the arrest of the suspects.

For his dedicated assistance, SO Muhammad Hisham received a commendation from SPF - Clementi Division.


His actions went beyond the call of duty, and is worthy of our commendation.

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