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I am delighted to congratulate the 252 security officers receiving the Security Officer of the Year Awards, the Job Redesign Awards and the Outstanding Security Officer Awards.

The Security Officers Day Awards, organised by the Security Association Singapore (“SAS”) annually, recognises Officers who have distinguished themselves in the execution of their duties, and who have actively taken up technology in the course of their work.

The three Security Officers of the Year have demonstrated some of the important roles that Security Officers play in Singapore, including assisting the public in times of emergency, stepping up to become key frontliners in the areas of safe management measures during this COVID-19 crisis, and assisting the Singapore Police Force in fighting crimes. SS Mak Shi Ning from Certis Cisco Protection Services Pte Ltd exemplified the service commitment of the security industry when she put herself in danger to assist in crowd control when there was a fire at her workplace, Century Square.

SS Thurkadevi d/o Nanda Gopal from AETOS Guards Services Pte Ltd worked hard to ensure that the frontline officers under her charge were sufficiently protected while they carried out their duties at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. SO Muhammad Hisham Bin Mohamed Rashid assisted the Singapore Police Force in a case of voluntarily causing hurt, that led to the arrest of the perpetrator.

I am confident that SAS and our security tripartite partners will continue to support our security officers as they carry out their roles. Importantly, SAS members adopted a Declaration against Unfair Stipulations by Security Buyers in June 2020. This Declaration affirms that SAS members are against any form of unfair stipulations by security buyers regarding security officers deployed at their site, which will ensure fair employment for all in our industry. 

Greater protection for private security officers is something very close to my heart. I have been actively lobbying both in and outside of Parliament for greater protection of our officers for many years. Am elated that the Ministry of Home Affairs on March 2020 announced that amendments to the Private Security Industry Act will be effected to this end. I look forward to this very important review and amendments, which will be a significant boost for the industry to deal with the frequent incidents of abuse of private security officers by members of the public, and according them the dignity and respect which they so deserve.

The current COVID-19 crisis has underscored the importance of the security industry as an essential service. As we continue our fight against the crisis, the security industry presents many opportunities for jobseekers amidst this recession. With more being done to professionalise the industry and its workers, the security industry will continue to play an important role ensuring the safety and security of Singapore and Singaporeans.

I wish all the honourees the very best! Hormat Security!

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